「ユザイ アキ」


Name Ryan
Age 21
Profession Graphics
Contact PM Yuzai
Character Yuzai
Class Ranger

 /l、 ,ニャ~
(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ

Who Am I?

My name is Ryan, and I'm a graphic designer from Chicago.


Yuzai, aka "Hey, Yu!". This name is new to me (relatively speaking), but I've grown to love it. My previous name of about 7 years is Daijitsu, or Dai for short. I guess I just started to outgrow it…


Been playing since beta3, and dropped my WoW subscription the same weekend, hehe.


I was leaning toward Assassin, but having played to 20+, I've found my original fondness of the ranger class, and will be re-rolling that for open beta, and hopefully release.


How I act in-game is akin to my real self all the time. I'm sarcastic and try to throw around as much wit as I can muster, all whilst keeping my cool and attempting to ensure I stay on everyone's good side.

Some may think of this as just being myself, but taking the guise of a scout, be it assassin or ranger, the snarkiness really pushes its way out and the sarcasm hits overdrive a lot of the time. It's almost like I want to make sure people don't know if I'm comin' or going with what I'm saying, y'know?

Games in General

I've been more of a hardcore-casual kind of gamer, never taking things seriously but always making sure I'm still able to beat my friends at their own games whenever called upon.


the XBOX and more recently in WoW, always seem to keep me going with their achievement system, and even when I finish everything I rarely stop. I make an effort to try and challenge my friends to try new things with me. I think I tend to bring this strange attitude to people I meet, and I like to hope it rubs off a little bit.

Even when there's no driving force like a real Achievement system, I have a knack for coming up with great ideas on what could push the limits, usually stemming towards exploration, both of in-game content I shouldn't reach yet, and of glitches and hidden things.

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