Names: Ingame my name is Lunalia, alts will probably be Tysonis and Aure.

Why Aion?: Um I read some information about Aion and thought it was cool, then I entered a Beta Key contest and was lucky enough to end in the top 10 thus winning me beta key.

Goals: Not to gt bored of this game that quickly, to make new friends and to have FUN.

Favorite Quotes: I have too many but these are a few….

"If you comit a crime don't record it, If you do record it don't upload it to Youtube…" Phillip DeFranco

" V, V-I, V-C-I-T-O-R-Y ????????? " Colleen, Hell's Kitchen

"When life gives you lemons ask for tequila and salt" Unknown

All time favourite above….

Other: Um I love Math, Science and Computers and have no idea what I will be when I grow up… I am EXTREMELY sarcastic and people tell me Im smart.

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