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Who are you and why are you in my guild?
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Just a Bit of a Idea on who i am and how im like Thanks for reading !!!!
by: ShadowFearShadowFear
06 Sep 2009 00:35
I'm in because Yuzai decided I should be in it. I think. It might have something to do with playing an Asmodian Sorc during the CBTs though.
by: viktormayrinviktormayrin
05 Sep 2009 01:49
2 by yuzaiyuzai
05 Sep 2009 01:56 Jump!
by: yuzaiyuzai
29 Jul 2009 09:20
5 by yuzaiyuzai
29 Aug 2009 06:46 Jump!
This is where everyone posts what they actually look like outside of game and we can all get to know each other better instead of thinking we are all NPC's lol
by: (account deleted)
05 Aug 2009 08:59
18 by NamiyaNamiya
27 Aug 2009 07:45 Jump!
The question-mark is cause I may not be that name forever.
by: GyrGyr
22 Aug 2009 19:03
2 by NamiyaNamiya
23 Aug 2009 01:13 Jump!
by: AzureOgreAzureOgre
19 Aug 2009 04:21
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