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note: these lists include duplicates in the tally, be it for alts or undecideds. numbers are more for amount of interest than solid numbers, as we don't actually have characters made yet.

CLASS Playercount
Templar 2
Gladiator 2
Assassin 2
Ranger 2
Spiritmaster 3
Sorcerer 3
Cleric 2
Chanter 3

Detail Listing

Templar Darkneverstar
Schneck07 Ogredd
Gladiator Lunalia
NeroAngelo undecided
Assasin Yuzai may switch to ranger
Schneck07 eventual alt
Ranger NeroAngelo undecided
Yuzai testing during OB
Spiritmaster Namiya also corn
Kcorbx undecided
Sarachoo "Emme", undecided
Sorcerer Kcorbx undecided
Yuzai possibly an alt
Dalndox "Mahotsuka"
Cleric NeroAngelo undecided
Sarachoo "Emme", undecided
Chanter Tirzah
Lepricon Katabella
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