Austin M.

This page willbe about me, in case anyone wants to know about me, minus the gaming part. Well, I'm a 20 year old male (in case you didn't see the picture lol) from San Francisco, California. Recent Culinary School Grad. (California Culinary Academy in SF as well) and have recently moved back with the parents and sibling (UGHHHH EPIC FAIL) only cuz SF was wayyy too expensive for a 19 year old kid to live alone. Finding a culinary job in San Jose has been tough as of recent… so i'ma find a BS job until i find a restaurant that i want, or move out, whichever happens first. I still am not out of college mode, so i still party a bit, as money allows of course… hmmm what else? i guess i could put specs ahhaha (for the ladies… jk lol) i'm 5'8" 160…. um…. that's about it… my b-day is tomorrow (August 28th, i'm turning 20) and i'm getting a tattoo on the 31st… and i'll be gone in the beginning of september visiting relatives in NorCal… so i'll be there for the beginning of Aion, hope to see you all there!

I get bored, so i'll post pics when that happens. haha these are all mine from HS, i just never put in watermarks… didn't think anyone would ever steal them haha

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